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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by McMonkey.

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After the Dark Age that extinguished the light of the Bronze Age Mycenean Kingdoms, the Hellenes (as the Ancient Greeks called themselves) began to recover in around 750 B.C. Colonists from the major City-States traveled throughout the Mediterranean and founded new cities.


Colonization was the solution which the Greeks hit upon to remedy the evils of oligarchical domination. Most of the emigrants who from the beginning of the eighth century left their native soil were country people in search of land to cultivate. It is important, however, to notice that not every emigrating Greek became a colonist. Many of the more adventurous hired themselves to eastern sovereigns as mercenary soldiers. Nevertheless Greek colonization was of the greatest historical significance since it resulted in the formation of a 'New World' which was Hellenic. At first a hunger for land was the prime motive which sent the Greek countryman across the seas. But as commerce began to assume a place of greater importance in the life of Greece, other preoccupations arose: a search for new export markets, the seizure of strategic positions in order to protect trade from competitors. But it was not until the seventh century that these things became matters of deliberate policy.

The colonial movement was at first haphazard and unplanned: the colonists formed groups at will and settled wherever they found a suitable place. But unoccupied land was rare and the natives often unfriendly. To install themselves in such places required force, and warlike preparations had to be made in advance. Not all Greek cities were populous, and it was sometimes difficult to find a sufficient number of emigrants to form a colony. The venture had then to be made in conjunction with neighbouring cities. In the end colonization became so important for economic and imperialist reasons that the state took over its direction. The city government would appoint a leader. In charge of the group of intending colonists, he was the oikistes, or founder. He was given his destination and provided with a staff of soothsayers and surveyors. When the colony was established it adopted the religion and the laws of the city which founded it. The obligations of the colony to the metropolis were limited and even as far as domestic agrarian expansion was concerned; but when any colony showed signs of political and economic independence the metropolis was less tolerant. Corinth was particularly determined to maintain a strict control over her colonies, and this policy resulted in violent conflicts with the more powerful of them (notably Corcyra) when they claimed the right to determine their own fate.

During the course of this scenario you will recreate the exploration and colonization of the Mediterranean by the Hellenes, Etruscans and Phoenicians. You will also engage in trade and scientific research and no doubt a little bit of combat, especially once the Persians arrive from the east. I hope you enjoy it!

This is intended as a six player multiplayer PBEM game. The game begin around 750 BC in the Archaic period of Greek history. The nations are: Athens, Corinth, Sparta, the Ionian Greeks, the Etruscans, the Phoenicians and the Lydians / Persians (AI controlled). The map is focused on the Greek Mainland, southern Italy, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisia, Crete and western Turkey. This game is influenced by Hellas (by John Ellis) and Colonialism (by Eivind). There will be lots of colonization in the early years then an era of intense trading and finally a period of intense warfare between the Greek nations and later between the Greeks and Persians who will be created via events in Asia Minor.

This scenario is dedicated to my friend Battosai who tragically died in January 2009. He will be greatly missed by the Civ Webring community. My first game at Civ Webring was of John Ellis' 'Hellas' and Battosai played as the Thebans. He has been in my thoughts while I built this scenario. Rest in peace mate.

Civ version required: MGE

Please play with the Civ2Unlimited launcher included in the scenario folder. This is explained in the READ ME html file and also in the GAME CONCEPTS section of the Civiliopedia.

Designed primarily for multiplayer PBEM (play by e-mail) games




Download here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=13152

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