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I played that "Brown Man´s Burden" by Carl Fritz 2018 the first time, so, it was a GFX major overhaul anyway. Some unit slots were empty, some units were useless, so I just decided to just tweak around - so, in fact, I just tweaked an already existing scenario to a ToTPP state of art to just have more fun at all. I took a GFX major overhaul anyway, already existing, and just made a ToTPP major overhaul out of it, sry. Since my first attempt to create own scenarios, 2009, I never had test players as a lonely german guy, sigh, :), and so I just, like a child, made huger and huger maps, more expensive improvements and troopers, and never actually played my stuff, just did it - so, with the wise help of an ancient scenario maker and his wise values, I hope to achieve my first playable thing! :) I dont want to play overdosed art, just a game! :)

So, "Brown Man´s Burden" was a huuuge fun game to me to play, but had its lacks. I have to learn, that too huge maps are counter productive, too expensive improvements and troopers slow the game down and you just have to cheat AI troopers all the time and bombard the human player. I made just too many mistakes! I even have to learn out of ToTPP, that too many senseless used unit slots are just irritating, that just... too much... is too much. Actually, a most innocent game to play, a most balanced, compact, simple game would be... a better solution, in my opinion. So I try! :)

Brown Man´s Burden by Carl Fritz

Test of Time PP CivFanatics

Test of Time Patch Project

Civitas - A modern save game editor

I currently use ToTPP v0.15.1. I had the problem, that the sprite creator just did sprites for the first 80 slots, perhaps it would be nice, that sprites could be read as the same Units_Sprites.bmp with its 127 bmp slots! :)

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"Pile on the brown man's burden and, if ye rouse his hate,

Meet his old-fashioned reasons with Maxims up to date."

Henry Labouchère, 1899 (parody of White Man's Burden by Kipling)

The Berlin Conference of 1884 set off a race among European powers to claim as much land as possible in Africa. This scenario recreates the Scramble for Africa. It begins in 1889 when Italy has set up new colonies in Somalia and looks to take over Abyssinia. Menelik II, the new Emperor of Abyssinia is having none of that and looks to expand his empire. Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, and the Ottoman Empire have their own agendas: Britain would like to regain Sudan from the Mahdists and expand in South Africa, France would like to extend its empire in West Africa, Germany and Portugal try to expand their claims in East Africa, and the Ottomans would like to restore their empire to its former glory.

All civilizations are playable, but some are easier than others.

~ Hardest: Abyssinians, Ottomans, Italians

~ Middling: Germans, Portuguese

~ Easiest: Englishmen, Frenchmen

The Game ends with the outbreak of World War I.

SPECIAL RULES: No Government changes. No Space Race (of course!).

6 turns per year. Slow Population Growth.

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I played that "Brown Man´s Burden" by Carl Fritz 2018 the first time, so, it was a GFX major overhaul anyway. Some unit slots were empty, some units were useless, so I just decided to just tweak around. I could use all the 127 possible unit slots of ToTPP, problem is: You need quality troopers, not irritating quantity troopers you dont even get their usage properly.

I made six "barbarian factions", North-West, Askari faction, North-East, Mahdi faction, Middle-West, Amazon faction, Middle-South, Impi faction, East, Massai faction, Arab-East, Arab faction, to just collect the areas into a major... cultural group of enemies, providing fun, culture, war, as separated, obvious... areas of clash and culture.

The problem for me was, I played as the Germans, that I just easily won, caused by the lack of counter attacks. You just have to build up your Maxim Gun defense and push forward by howitzers, point. And you just can build up too much and too good troopers. Even the mighty British Empire couldnt afford to "just throw ships, guns and troopers to play with". You just got what you got as an African Continent Viceroy or whatever.

One target is, that you arent able to build up troopers at all. You just get what you get as an African Continent Viceroy. You arent able to just rush build dozens of european rifles, ships, guns, and stuff, until you easily could invade your homeland. You can recruit Askari by capturing native warriors, you can get some troopers by capture troopers or towns, and you will crave for homeland deliveries, and perhaps you could actually build SOME stuff plus. And thats it. You have to fight with what you get and shut up. You have to be a serious general and just use the troopers you JUST HAVE, point! :)

I played that game once, and just succeeded easily. I had just Maxim Guns, Howitzers, Armoured Cruisers, Battleships, and used my German Marines by Amphibious Attack, and just got no counter attacks at all, that was easy going. That thing, that you await the next delivery of German Marines was fine! Why should a colony in Africa actually be able to build up GERMAN soldiers??? Or BRITISH soldiers??? Or hundreds of Maxim Guns??? Or a dozen of Battleships built down Africa??? No. You are able to build up SOME troopers, and are eager to recruit these ASKARI! ASKARI! African Auxiliaries. They just didnt have 1.000 Maxim Guns, 10.000 european rifles and a lazy bunch of natives!

They had some Maxim Guns, some white Officers, and regiments of Askari, and Dragoons werent useless at all! And thats my point here! :) That you wont be able to build up your "bowl of cherries" to march on easily. This is NOT Europe! This is Africa! And you better prepare yourself, with what you got! :)

Have fun! :)

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Get the [[Media:‎| AFRICAN COLONIES‎]] (x,x MB)

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