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This Scenario begins in the Year 280 BC. A King called Pyrrhus of Epirus

makes War versus a small Empire called Imperium Romanum, to free the allied

South Italy Greeks of Magna Graecia, Sicily Greeks and Northern Etruscans from

this audacious, upstarting, ancient Whip of this Roman Plague.

The North of Italy is Celtic, the Middle North is Etruscan, the Middle is Roman.

The South is Greek. Rome needs to rise and succeed. To give the Carthaginians

a Starter Slaughter also, to bother that great Thalassocracy the first ~ 60 Turns

til the First Punic War, there is War in North Africa versus its Opposite Poles:

The two North African Central Berber Tribes, Mauritanians in the whole West,

Numidians in the whole East. So the Romans and the Carthaginians also, have to face

their Enemies right on the Home Front, until they will perhaps be able to march on,

Sicily, or Spain. The struggling Carthage also needs to rise and succeed.

To begin in the Year 280 BC, and to give every Year Quarters means, from 280 BC until

the End of the Second Punic War 201 BC, 320 Turns. Both, Rome and Carthage, had their

Independence from the Etruscans or the Town of Tyros, around 500 BC, and began to move.

But to give these 320 Turns everything from Colonization til Supremacy of the West,

but to give from Pyrrhus til Zama, all the Expansion and all necessary Wars, all Fun,

all Possibilities, in a smooth Game, i tried to compress the Colonization, the Rising,

the most important Wars, until a perhaps coming Supremacy of all playable Empires,

into these 80 Years, or 320 Turns, to play totally free, a non-written History and Fun.

I wrote 7 Events.txts for all 7 playable Empires, varied just in the Enemy Units Amount.

So, to choose an Empire, you have to select that Empires Events.txt out of the Batch File.

Select a Difficulty Level, King/Hard, Imperator/Harder, Despot/Hardest, then your chosen

Empire. To play a smooth and normal Game, take the Multiplayer Events. Playable are:

Chief Syphax of the Mauritanians

Chief Dharrapha of the Iberians

Chief Massinissa of the Numidians

Chief Tacetorix of the Celts

King Pyrrhus of the Greeks

Suffete Hasdrubal of the Carthaginians

Consul Iunius Brutus of the Romans

There is no Victory Condition. No Flags to conquer Towns or Wonders. Only the

World of the Ancient Times, of the rising Romans and the struggling Carthaginians.

Dont know, why i like these Carthaginians much. Perhaps a tragical End, Hannibal,

the Elephants, an old and legendary Story about Rise and Fall, versus the mighty Rome.

There is almost no History Cheating Events. I wanted to create a totally free playable,

FUN GAME, with the Options of Government Changes, Terrain Changes as advanced Cultivation

of the Land and Empire, great Research, free Army Development and free Choose of one

of the seven Empires to play in a free World of the Ancient Times. You get, what youll get.

I dont want to be straight historical or geographical accurate, to teach a damned Lesson,

to cheat every five Turns another Army to make sure everything goes strictly like old Books,

i want to get a brilliant GAME PLAY, and especially in Spain, i tried to mix up Barbarians,

Iberians and Celts to a Mixture of Tribes, versus huge Power Blocs, that should be the Game.

I ever, wanted to create the Wars Carthage versus the mighty Rome, as a huge strategic

FUN GAME, and playable for all the seven included Empires, including everything.

Read perhaps the Civ2 Civilopedia in Game, to get much more Informations in Detail.

Many sweet little Things are included like Silver, Gold, and getting Barbarian Cavalry.

Little Note to the Mauritanians and Numidians. To create Carthage really huge, means, to create

an Opposite Pole. Not Barbarians only, and not one Numidian Tribe only, but two Tribes and

Barbarians for a real Massacre. To call the two Numidian Tribes Masaesyli and Massylii or

Maesulians, who knows what that means? To call them West and East Numidians would cause,

that to perhaps play one of these, would never allow becoming a real Empire. You conquer

as East Numidians, for Example, Carthage, and West Numidia and are still called East Numidia.

Not very mighty. My Game allows to play every of the seven Empires, and i want to have Fun

with every single Empire. Now, to call the Masaesyli Mauritanians, the Massylii Numidians, is ok.

Have Fun.


+Fullsize Map 136 x 240

+255 Towns Maximum

+An own Skin, the Blood Skin

+An own Unit Sprites

+64bit Batch File


+Maximum TecTree 99

+All Wonders

+All Improvements

+All Governments

+Advanced Lands Cultivation ALC

+Multiplayer Option

+3 Difficulty Levels King, Imperator, Despot

+ ~ 81 kb Events.txt

+New Game.txt

+Full Advice.txt

+Smooth Sfx

+Smooth Gfx

+7 playable Empires

+Army Development System ADS

+Conquering Aggressive Reactions CAR

+General Resisters Order GRO

+Town Resisters Order TRO

+A whole Civilopedia README

+Damned expensive

+Highest Difficulty

+Hopefully, FUN


DONE 1.1 11.10.2013

Modders perhaps know that. You worked quite hard, and everything

seemed fine... until you... just lose the Thread. I thought,

to finish that up perhaps some Weeks later, perhaps play another

smooth Testgame, and just finish that up. Problem: You perhaps never will.

You perhaps turn around into Real Life, or start another Project,

perhaps another PC Game Modding, you perhaps never play your Mod again,

and you perhaps never finish anything up. Therefor, a Community should

perhaps proclaim a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Desire. Problem: I have no.

But a good Reason to finish that up, was, that i am a German Guy,

and i get an ugly Feeling not to complete my Perfection.

Like a damned Grain of Sand in the damned Eye, annoying your whole

Day on the Beach Italy, it would be a Shame and Pity, not to give that

sweet little Scenario its Right to be, and so, i gave me half an Hour...

just to get a rough 1.1 done, just to get it done.

Hopefully, some good Guys will upload on CivFanatics. Have Fun.






including all Sound, README, Blood Skin, just everything


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