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A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by curtsibling.


The time: December 1939. The situation: war is brewing in Europe, Asia and Pacific. Your goal: take command of a nation and gain global power.

The players in this rivalry:

  • The Third Reich: powerful army and deadly weapons. warmongers choice.
  • Britain: big empire and superb army. war on all sides, varied challenge.
  • Imperial Japan: like Germany but more emphasis on naval war, defeat USA!
  • Soviet Union: weak to start with, can get powerful, beware of Germany!
  • USA: massive potential, fight against the Axis or ignore it? your choice!
  • Allied nations: weak military position, can make money, has many cities.
  • Asian allies: worst of the powers, very little chance of rivalling anyone!

War is almost bound to happen, any of these powers are playable, it just depends which one can weather the storm and survive. Many techs and battles for all five major empires, some empires can gain tech from other sources as well as research! Germany has two very evil units: Waffen SS and Werhmacht! Alliances are possible, governments cannot be switched! Now all that remains is to choose your side! Axis or Allies... Fate is in your hands...


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