Blood and Steel Redux

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1914: Germany won the war against France within 4 weeks carrying out von Schlieffen´s plan. 1915: In the greatest offensive yet seen on earth German troops surround St. Petersburg and Russia surrenders. 1916: US President Wilson managed to make Germany and Great Britain sign an armistice. The Great War was over.

Italy though, feeling cheated by Germany only gets Nice/Nizza and Tunesia turns fascist in 1922 and Mussolini subsequently built up his forces for the Day X, the Resurrection of the Roman Empire.

This day seems to have come now. It is December 1932 and just 2 weeks ago Italy launched an offensive against Spain and Portugal. There is hardly if any resistance and after 13 days only Lisbon and Madrid are not under Italian control. The major powers were not able to respond quick enough to this conflict and now only Italian vessels patrol the seas.



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