Caesar's Gallic Wars

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May 58 B.C.

The Helvetii have been on the move for several months now, a massive migration of an entire people.

Earlier this year, the tribes of the Alps torched their homesteads and fields, determined never to return. Their goal was to settle in the fertile lands of Gaul, which naturally alarmed the new governor of the nearby Roman province: Gaius Julius Caesar.

At first, the Helvetii had requested safe passage through Roman territory. Badly outnumbered, Caesar initially delayed, telling the Helvetic delegates to return in several weeks. This gave Caesar enough time to send for his four legions, and to raise two more.

When the Helvetic delegates returned, they were refused passage through the province. This left them only one option: to invade the lands of Rome's Aeudian allies.

Seeking fortune and glory, Caesar moved swiftly to intercept the invaders in the hills near Bibracte...



Caesar faces off against the Helvetii, determined to end their migration!


Caesar traps his nemesis, Vercingetorix, at Alesia - but becomes trapped himself!


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