Dictator III

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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by curtsibling.


In the years after the Great War, Europe witnessed the rise and military resurrection of Germany. Under the control of Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi party, Germany began a re-armament programme unparalleled in modern history. After duping France and Britain to cede to his territorial demands and union with Austria, he then catapulted Europe into war by his invasion and conquering of Poland. Poland fell rapidly, no-one could now doubt that in Nazi Germany, they faced a formidable enemy. Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France all fell to the Powerful and modern German armies, and their ruthless mobile air and armour tactics. Now Britain, deprived of close allies, and only safeguarded by her potent navy and air corps, stands alone against the mighty Luftwaffe. Only twenty or so miles separate the UK from Blitzkrieg and total Nazi domination...


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Scenario Files (512 kB)

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