Dictator II - Final Battle v2.1

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Dictator2-ToT v2.1 Title.png

A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by curtsibling.


The might of the German Wehrmacht stands poised on the borders of France. The long-awaited western assault has come.

In order for the Third Reich to achieve a glorious Germanic world domination they must capture Paris, London, Moscow, Leningrad, and of course, Stalingrad. Britain and its allies must survive the onslaught by Germany and Japan; Paris, Oslo, Rome, Athens and finally Berlin must be liberated from Jerry! The Soviet Union must face the challenge from enemy invasion. A nation whom they thought an ally, has dark designs on Mother Russia. The Japanese Empire will emerge triumphant if it can conquer China. But they must also cripple American naval power in the Pacific. North America has the luxury of choosing what enemy to target. The clock is ticking, however, and the Axis may come looking for war... The Allied Nations have no agenda of conquest, only one of neutrality. Trade and making sound diplomatic choices are the way to survival, and victory... The Eastern Allies have only one agenda, survival against the odds. The challenge is to dig in and make it through the battle without losing too much.


Dictator2-ToT v2.1 Screen1.jpg

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Scenario Files (802 kB)

Sprite and Civilopedia fixes (21.9 kB)

Sound Files (Missing)

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