Lord of the Rings Series

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The Lord of the Rings series is the ultimate Civ2 rendition of JRR Tolkien's epic triology. It comes in three seperate scenarios.

in chronological sequence

FOTRIcon.GIF Fellowship of the Ring 1st 1/2 Book I

MoriaIcon.GIF Moria: A Journey in the Dark 2nd 1/2 Book I

ROTKIcon.GIF Return of the King Books II and III

Fellowship of the Ring


Frodo, a hobbit from the Shire, has inherited his Uncle Bilbo's 'funny' magic ring. A precious gold band that Bilbo found on his adventures with the Dwarves. The wandering wizard, Gandalf the Grey, has discovered that the ring is in fact the One Ring which once sat upon the finger of the Great Enemy himself, the Dark Lord Sauron. It's overwhelming power is only surpassed by its malice and threat to the world. While it yet exists the world will never know peace. When Sauron last wielded the Ring it took a grand alliance of Elves and Men to defeat him. Now the Elves have all but departed over the sea and the strength of men is failing.

Sauron, though defeated, has endured and rebuilt much of his lost strength. But still he lacks the power of the One Ring. While it lay hidden in the Shire it was safe. But now Gandalf believes that Sauron has uncovered where it lies and will send his dread agents to reclaim it. He decides that Frodo must take the Ring to the Elves of Rivendell. They will guard it until a decision can be made as to what should ultimately become of it.

Meanwhile, Gandalf himself will journey south, to consult the head of his order, Saruman the White. He says that he will return soon, but should he be delayed they should set off without him.


Files: Media:Fotr.zip

Sounds: Media:Fotr_snd1.zip, Media:Fotr_snd2.zip

Moria: A Journey in the Dark


In their quest to destroy the One Ring, the fellowship have been forced off the high and snowy mountain path over Caradhras. Their only hope of crossing the Misty Mountains now is through the ancient and abandoned Dwarf realm of Khazad-dum, now called Moria - the Black Pit.

Gimli believed that his cousin, Balin, had led a company of Dwarves here to reclaim the mines many years ago. If that should prove true then the party can expect a Royal welcome from the Dwarf Lord. However, on passing through the Doors of Durin, hope of any friendly meeting seemed alarmingly distant when the fellowship discovered the bodies of many Dwarven dead, shot through with orc and goblin arrows. Fearing the worst the party attempted to leave but were attacked by a great tentacled creature that burst from the unwholesome waters just beyond the gate. After a struggle they managed to escape the beast's clutches but find themselves suddenly shut in. For the monster has brought down the Doors of Durin and much of the supporting masonry. The rubble of their destruction now blocks the west way out.

There is only one path open to the fellowship... they must take the dark and perilous road through Moria!


Files: Media:Moria.zip

Sounds: Media:Moria_sound.zip

Return of the King


Having escaped the long dark of Moria, the Fellowship of the Ring now stand in Dimrill Dale mourning the loss of their leader, Gandalf the grey, who fell in battle with the Balrog. To the east lies the safety of Lorien, the golden wood. It is there that they should go next, then on, down the Great River Anduin.

Ultimately, the Ring must go into the fires of Mount Doom, where it's master, Sauron, the Dark Lord, first made it. Only there can it be destroyed, and in so doing bring an end to the Dark Lord himself. But time grows short for the Fellowship and freedom's cause wanes. For even now, far to the south, the eastern armies of Sauron march on Gondor's capital city, Minas Tirith; the last stronghold of freedom for the Western Powers. To its rear, the treacherous wizard Saruman has launched a vast army of his own at Rohan.

The Free Peoples are now caught between an evil hammer and anvil. Time is indeed running out. But, can they hold on long enough for the Fellowship's quest to be accomplished? The quest of the Ring stands upon a knife edge. Stray but a little to the ruin of all!


Files: Media:Rotk.zip

Sounds: Media:Rotk_snd.zip