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In 54 BC Marcus Linicus Crassus (the richest man in Rome) was fed up of Julius Caesar and Gnaeus Pompey getting all the glory in the First Triumvirate. He decided to lead a military expedition to not only surpass the triumphs of Caesar and Pompey but also those of Alexander the Great. Crassus’s opinion of his military abilities was vastly over-inflated (partly due to his ego and minor part in putting down Sparticus’s slave revolt). Because of this, Crassus asked the Senate and Caesar for permission to lead an army to Mesopotamia to defeat the Parthian Empire.

In the spring of 53 BC Marcus Linicus Crassus marched to Parthia with seven legions (30-40’000 heavy infantrymen), 4’000 thousand cavalry, a quarter of whom were Gaulish troops lent by Julius Caesar; and a similar number of light-armed infantry.

Refusing advice and support from the King of Armenia, Crassus marched down the Euphrates River, incorporating devastated Roman winter garrisons along the way, and crossed it at Zeugma without resting at any of the garrison towns; against the advice of his legates, he then pulled away from the river and marched inland.

On June 9th 53 BC, the Roman army met the Parthians. Their commander, Surena, led about 10,000 soldiers (9,000 horse archers and 1,000 Cataphracti heavy lancers) and a huge train of camels heavily loaded with arrows.

The battle began and the static roman squares were being slaughtered by the horse archers. Crassus sent his son Publius on a desperate counterattack with 1’300 cavalry (including the Gauls), 4,000 legionnaires and 500 archers. The Parthians retreated at first to get them away from the main army, and then they began to ride in circles around the Romans kicking up lots of dust, blinding the Romans. Then the horse archers began to fire on the group, on occasion the Cataphracti would charge into the Romans.

The Gallic cavalry on lend from Caesar managed the closest thing to a genuine Roman success in the whole sorry campaign. The fierce Celts were able to seize the cataphracts' lances and drag them to the ground, where the Parthians' heavy armor rendered them helpless. Some Gauls dismounted and crept under the Parthian horses, which they disemboweled, unhorsing the riders. Those tactics, however, could only delay the inevitable and Publius was killed along many roman soldiers.

The Parthians then rode back to the main roman army with the head of Publius Crassus on a spear. Thereafter the main body had to defend themselves as best they could for the rest of the day under the constant hail of missiles. The battle lasted for 2 more days, with the romans being slaughtered during their retreat, and ended with Crassus surrender and death.

Of the entire force, twenty thousand are said to have been killed; ten thousand were captured, and deported to distant Margiana for hard labor and slavery. Thus ended the disastrous Roman campaign of Carrhae.

The scenario supposes that most of the Gauls survived and are now on their way back home along the roman northern boundary!


I rank it among the very few marvelous scens that exert great pressure on players. -Agricola

This is a simply wonderful adventure - The feel of it is just right - A fight against the odds! Getting the people home is tough but a rewarding challenge. Loads of excellent little features. It's like taking part in an epic tale....And the scen looks great too! Top marks, Cyrion. -CurtSibling


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