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I remember. Bought Civilization II Test of Time, and was proud

to win on Difficulty Level 3 Prince, and played the SciFi Scenario.

Dominated the Main Planet, was the first Power on the Orbital Structures,

and was wondering why my Enemies didnt stop being mighty... then, by Cheat,

i saw how MANY TOWNS in Orbit and on Naumachia, and was a worried Child.

Played MJs World War One, as a German, the Germans. That was my first

Scenario End of 2008. And caused by MJs Scenarios, i started to create my own,

Begin of 2009. The Scenarios of that Michael J, are gone, thats the Reason,

why i dont write his full Name. The Ones who know, know, the Ones who not, not.

Now, my first Scenario is uploaded to this Page, Ancient Steel.

It is not my first Scenario, but the first Scenario uploaded to this Page.

The Reason to create, not only an Ancient Steel Page, but a Nicheal Page also, is,

that i like the Idea of a Presentation of my whole Works, if ever done more.

That i can choose Test of Time Scenarios only, or a Modder only.

See Ancient Steel Scenario, and its Screenshot, down under. Have Fun.


[Ancient Steel][Screenshot]

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