Operation Market Garden

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Montgomery's HQ: Operation Market-Garden, September 10, 1944: Final Planning Conference

On the narrow corridor that would carry the armored drive, there were five major bridges to take. They had to be seized intact by airborne assault. It was the fifth, the crucial bridge over the Lower Rhine at a place called Arnhem, sixty-four miles behind the German lines, that worried Lt. General Frederick Browning, Deputy Commander, First Allied Airborne Army. Pointing to the Arnhem bridge on the map he asked, "How long will it take the armor to reach us?" Field Marshal Montgomery replied briskly, "Two days." Still looking at the map, Browning said, "We can hold it for four." Then he added, "But, sir, I think we might be going a bridge too far."

from "Arnhem", the memoirs of Maj. General Roy Urquhart

Operation Market-Garden is a scenario of the September 1944 Allied offensive intended to secure an early crossing of the Rhine and to cut off German forces in Holland. It combined assaults on key bridges by 3 British and American airborne divisions and an overland attack by the British 30 Corps, led by the Guards Armoured Division. The scenario is designed to be played by the Allied player. At the start of the scenario, you will be asked to select one of three operational plans. Alternate events provide uncertainly about when and where German reinforcements will arrive.

If, by the end of the scenario, you can move enough 30 Corps units, including armour, across the Rhine and maintain a continuous supply line from the south map edge, you win the scenario. Otherwise the Germans win the battle, which was the historical result. Good luck!


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