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"Destroy the Enemy Air Force wherever you find them, in the air, on the ground, and in the factories." -Hap Arnold, December 27, 1943.

Two years ago, the Royal Air Force emerged victorious from their finest hour in the Battle of Britain. They now carry the fight to the Reich, attacking its cities with massive, 1000 bomber raids by night, and sweeping the coastlines with fighters by day, daring the Luftwaffe to challenge their "Rodeos."

Recently, the United States Army Air Force entered the fray. Despite warnings from their experienced British Allies, faith is placed in heavily-armed "Flying Fortresses," and their ability to take the fight deep into Germany. This will prove costly until adequate long-ranged fighter escorts can be produced.

The Luftwaffe remains a dangerous and well-trained foe. The "Experten" of the Jagdflieger can mount a ferocious defense, but a war of attrition will hamper them far more than the United States and British Empire.

Victory for either side is far from certain as the battle rages overhead...



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