Red October - The Russian Civil War

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== Screenshots ==
== Screenshots ==
== Downloads ==
== Downloads ==

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Red OctoberTitle.gif

A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by Techumseh.


The Russian Civil War began following the Bolshevik revolution in November 1917 (October in the Gregorian calendar - hence the name Red October). The revolution itself was short and relatively peaceful. The civil war was by contrast prolonged, bloody and brutal. Beset on all sides by enemies determined to overthrow their infant workers state, the Bolsheviks resorted to centralized military discipline and systematic terror against their enemies.

At the time, Bolshevik leaders believed that the revolution would spread to other European nations exhausted by world war, especially Germany. Revolution did break out in Germany, but was soon defeated, leaving Red Russia isolated. Its' history continued, with many ups and downs, until 1989.

This is a scenario for the Test of Time version of Civilization 2. It can not be played on other versions of Civilization. The scenario is designed to be played as the Bolshevik player only.


Red October SS.png


Scenario Files 1 (1.00 MB)

Scenario Files 2 (2.90 MB)

Sound Files (1.08 MB)

Movie Files (3.34 MB)


Download at:Tecumseh's Village

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