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Version 1.2  
Version 1.2  
[[|South Atlantic Conflict v1.2]]
[[|South Atlantic Conflict v1.2]]

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South Atlantic Conflict

“South Atlantic Conflict” is a scenario based on the Falklands War; which took place in the southern area of the American continent between March and June 1982.



On the second of April, 1982, people around the world were shocked to hear that Argentina had seized the Falkland Islands from Great Britain by force. In this astonishing move, Argentina had defied one of the most powerful nations in the world. Who would have thought that Argentina a third-world country that hadn’t waged war for over 100 years - would have the audacity to openly attack a nuclear power? Or that England would respond by organizing the largest air and naval operation undertaken since World War II, and send this massive force to recover a small group of islands in the freezing South Atlantic?

History says that after three months of struggle, England finally recovered the islands.

Now is your chance to rewrite history. Will you command the troops of Argentina and lead your nation to glory? Or will you command the British Task Force, devastate the enemy, and retake the Falklands for the Crown?

Game Versions

It’s important to point out that this scenario was designed for 3 different theatres of war. You can play it as a single player Argentina; single player England; or against a human opponent. (2 players)

The Multiplayer version starts in week 0, before the argentine first strike. So, in this case you´ll have the chance to experiment the entire conflict. In the Argentine/English Singleplayer version, the action starts in week 5, just before the british counterattack.

However, this situation doesn’t guarantee that the AI will play a decent role in the war. It may happen that the AI disembarks troops in isolate places or even lose aircraft due to out of fuel / range problem. As a result, I had to edit the situation a little bit by adding more enemy units that the ones who waged combat in real life. That’s why I recommend a multiplayer game. In this case, human players are in charge of the units. In case of playing SP Argentina, I recommend playing at least in the Lieutenant level. If you want to play with England, I recommend at least the Colonel level.



Argies take Port Stanley!


Task Force sailing to the islands!


SAS and SBS troops attacking Port Leith


Here are some web sites I found useful in researching this scenario:


Version 1.2

South Atlantic Conflict v1.2

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