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The Conquest of Mexico v2.0The Crimson Manuscript - War in Granada v1.1The Cruel Sea
The Desert WarThe Discovery Age v2.0The English Civil War v2.3
The Eurasian WarsThe European World - Era of ColonizationThe Falklands War v2.1
The Fall of the AztecsThe Fall of the Kraeikian Empire v2The First World War v2.0
The Four Sea Republics - Golden Edition v2.5The Golden Age of the Netherlands - The End of Pax HispanicaThe Great Crusades
The Great Game - Russia and England in Central Asia v2The Guardians of FraternityThe Habsburg Bid for Mastery v2.0
The Hellenistic AgeThe High King of BritainThe Holy Roman Empire
The Holy Wars v2.0The Horror of DraculaThe Hundred Years War
The IraniansThe Italian WarsThe Korean War (Alpha)
The Korean War ReduxThe Korean War ToTPPThe Legend of Arthur II
The Lost ColonyThe Mediterranean Dark AgeThe Modern Age
The Mongols - Timur KhanThe Mughal ConquestsThe Mysterious Cities of Gold v1.1
The Norwegian Campaign v2The Odyssey v1.0a
The Omeyan CaliphateThe Palette ExplainedThe Rape of Nations v1.1
The Resurrection of Al-Andalus - Revolt in AlpujarrasThe Rise of RomeThe River War v2.0a
The River War v4.0The Roman EmpireThe Secret Scenario
The Spanish-American War - CubaThe Spanish Armada v1.4The Spanish Civil War ToTPP
The Spanish Civil War v3The Spanish Odyssey v2.0The Teutonic Knights (Die Ordensritter)
The Third Punic War v2.0The Third World War - Global DominationThe Thirty Years' War v2.3
The Time Threat ParadoxThe TurksThe Vietnam War
The Viking AgeThe Viking Age v3.1The Visigoths v2.0
The War of CubaThe War of the Realm v1.1The Wealth of Nations v1.1
The Western Front v1.01The Wheel of TimeThe Whole Second World War
The Yugoslav WarsThe Yugoslav Wars v2.0The city object
The civ.ui libraryThe civ libraryThe cosmic object
The dialog objectThe game objectThe improvement object
The leader objectThe scenario libraryThe spaceship object
The tech objectThe tile objectThe totpp library
The tribe objectThe unit objectThe unittype object
The wonder objectTotal War 1941 - 1945Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution
Trajan's ConquestTrakoria v2.0Tribe Colours for Test of Time
USA 3500UnderdarkUnit
Up the Deadly Boot - The Italian CampaignUsing Improvements and WondersUsing Your Units
Vandals!Vendetta IIVietnam 1965- 1975
Vikings - Across the OceansVineyardsWWII Europa
War of 1812 v1.2War of the Ring v1.11
War of the RosesWarlords of ChinaWars of the Mediterranean v2.31
Working with Title.gifWorld War II - The European Theater v2.2World War II - The Pacific Theater
World War II UnitsWorld War II in China - The Forgotten WarWorld War II in Europe
World War I - To Hell and BackWorld War One v2.0Xarthage
Yom Kipur -Day of Treason v2.0 + ModZhan Guo - Quest for Tian Xia
Zweiter Weltkrieg v2.2¡Libertad o Muerte!

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