The Guardians of Fraternity

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 This scenario goes a different approach to the yugoslav wars.
 What if Raif Dizdarevic, the last President of Yugoslavia
 that struggled to keep the unity, was elected for President in 1991
 instead of 1988 ? What if the Yugoslav Peoples Army would choose a 
 tactic that was not oriented on preservation of serb ethnics but on 
 the real idea to preserve the yugoslav state ?
 "YOU" are the Marshall of the Yugoslav Peoples Army now, a post last
 inhabited by Tito, legendary former President of Yugoslavia. It is
 the end of July 1991. Slovenia and Croatia already declared
 independence in June. Bosnia is rumoring because of ethnic tensions
 but the last remaining federal member thanks to the efforts of Obrad
 Piljak, President of SR Bosnia and Hercegovina, but this is going to
 change very soon. Montenegro stands strong as loyal federal member.
 The shadow cabinet of Kosovo declared a one sided and unrecognized
 independence. Macedonia also will declare independence in September.
 The Sandzak Region and the Vojvodina also have their own ambitions and
 need to be overwatched. In Albania the communist regime collapsed and
 the Republic of Albania was founded in March 1991. Bulgaria, Hungary
 and Romania will come their minorites in Yugoslavia to aid if they
 need it. UN, EU and NATO Intervention also will be a constant threat
 and huge sums of debts have to be paid to the IWF while inflation is     
 growing extensively...

more coming soon...

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