The Norwegian Campaign v2

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The entire Norwegian campaign of 1940 is essentially a gambit by Hitler to secure supplies of high grade Swedish iron ore through Narvik, a port which remains ice free even in the winter season. At the same time, control of Norway will undermine the British naval blockade and provide air bases within range of the British Isles. However, at risk is the German fleet which is an essential element of the future operation Sealion, the invasion of Britain. If even half of the fleet is put out of action, there will be insufficient naval resources to support this endeavour - eventually leading to the demise of the Third Reich.

To this end, you must (as Germany) achieve the following to claim victory-

1. Control over 100 objective points before the game ends on day 62. 2. Do not allow Narvik to be recaptured or its port facilities will be destroyed. 3. Do not have more than 20 points of naval casualties. (Capital Ships = 4, Light Cruisers = 2, Destroyers and torpedo boats = 1)



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