The Yugoslav Wars

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Scenario for Civilization II by François Baire

To play you need "Conflicts in Civilization" It's much better to have a Civ2 version a least 2.4.2

Yugoslavia burst because of rival nationalism's which entails wars in Croatia Bosnia and Kosovo.

If there is anything wrong or if you want to tell commentaries, to ask questions, to formulate remarks, to express wishes, to criticize, and why not... to congratulate about this scenario don't hesitate to send me an e-mail at

The main version of this scenario is the French version so their are many names in French ,City names for instance

This scenario is quite easy with Serbs, it's much more difficult with Bosnians or Kosovars. If you want to play with N.A.T.O., you'll have to be patient because they interfere only if there are slaughters done by Serbs and their cities have no production.

In the reality, although Kosovo is a self-governing region it takes part of Serbia Republic. In order to describe the war in Kosovo, it is independent in this scenario. On the other hand, Montenegro (in the scenario it is the area owned by Serbs near the sea) is a republic of the federal state. As I was limited to 7 civilizations, I decided to incorporate it to Serbia because is has been a satellite of the most powerful republic of Yugoslavia.

The Civilizations

Serbia (and the Monténégro but without Kosovo), the biggest Yugoslavian republic has got the weapons of the federal army. It desires to gather all the Serbs who are in Croatia, in Bosnia, in Kosovo and also in the north of Macedonia. It must be careful about not irritating N.A.T.O. which could punish it. Its government is nationalist (tantamount to Fundamentalism).

Croatia, second biggest republic, must assure its independence and defeat Serbs attacks. Moreover Croatians want to take some territories controlled by Bosnia in the region of Mostar. They are allied with Slovenia. Their government is nationalist (tantamount to Fundamentalism).

Slovenia is the richest republic. Allied with Croatia, it has no frontiers with Serbia. Slovenians have no territorial claims, they must assure their independence by pushing federal troops out of Slovenia and then try to improve their economy. Their government is a Republic.

by Hertzegovinaul neighbourpluriethnique Croatia. It must try to preserve the maximum of its territories, N.A.T.O. could give help if slaughters done by Serbs are too much. It has a moderate nationalist government (tantamount to monarchy).

Macedonia is a quite poor region. It has to keep alive between its neighbours who don't appreciate it much (Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece). It must evit a conflict against Serbs at any price an try to improve its evit economy. Its government is a republic.

Kosovo is the poorest region of Yugoslavia. Populated with a majorKosovo Albanians, there is also an important minority of Serbs and is an important historic place for Serbia. Many Kosovars want to join Albania first step the create the "Great AlbKosovarsich claims territories in Macedonia and Montenegro. However its army is very bad equiped but could be helped by N.A.T.O.

N.A.T.O. would like toequipedve peace thanks to diplomacy first (with the help of U.N) and if that's not enough thanks to bombings against Serbs or even a terrestrial operation. The cities on the map have no production. So in the beginning N.A.T.O. haven't got a strong influence. Its cities are unconquerable. Its government is democratic.

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Original 1999 Scenario Files

Hans's 2009 Graphic Update Scenario Files

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