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Trakoria is a part of the continent of Ereb, on the world of Altor. If one considers Ereb being Europe, Trakoria would be located in the position of the British Isles. Trakoria is the popular designation for the islands of the North Sea. The name Trakoria itself comes from the Trakorian Empire, which was founded by rebellious Clavian colonists in the year 385 aO (aO — after the prophet Odo). This scenario takes place between the years 280 bO and 220 aO.

After the Third Conflux (599-598 bO), which in effect wiped away the entire mighty Jorpagnan Empire, not much remained of civilization on the continent of Ereb. The Jorpagnan colonists on the islands of the North Sea lost all communications with the main continent and the fallen empire. Still, they were the lone bearers of the light of civilization in Trakoria. The colonies — Laabne, Lasemos and Bhannavil — soon fell into chaos and disorder, as many potent men felt they were called upon to sieze power.

The people of Lasemos had fought alongside with the Elves of Gwondel Leigu, against the orcs of Klagga — a common threat to them both. The Elves told their human friends about fertile fields beyond their forest and let colonists pass through. The Lasemosian colonists first came to Moskoria — the new land — in 290 bO. As they settled in, they began to call themselves Clavians.

In the year 380 bO, a party of wizards took over power in Laabne and founded a magical academy. The Gray Eminencies, as they are called, have isolated themselves in Voag Aspede, their magical city, so they can study in peace. Meanwhile the fighting continues in Lasemos. The wizards of Voag Aspede are very skilled, but they only care about their magical teachings, and have forgotten about everything else, even life itself from which they have isolated themselves. As their magical city blooms in splendour and unearthly colors, the rest of Laabne slowly fades away as all the power of the land is literally sucked up by the Eminencies. All that remains are ashes. Endless walleyes of ash...

The Third Conflux was also the end of the evil empire of Yndar, in the far, far south. They had offended the gods with their hereticy and the punishment was that their capitol Krau-Ki, and the surrounding countryside, was relocated to the cold far, far north. Krau-Ki still remains, but consists now of an icy island called Marjura in the cold north. They didn't however learn their lesson and continue to practice black magic, summoning demons and defying the authority of the gods. The evil rulers of Marjura has built several vital colonies on the Trakorian islands. The patience of the gods is however once again about to be exhausted...



Trakoria — the Rise of the Clavian Empire, is based upon the Swedish role playing game source book called Trakorien. It is a challenging empire building scenario and the protagonists, the Clavians, start out with one city in an archipelago map. If you were to play the scenario, you would find an interesting assortment of terrain types, a full set of events and a rich set of units.

For us in the english speaking world, little is known of the original game, but what we do know is that Trakoria is truly one of the classics from the Civilization 2 - Fantastic Worlds Era. Although it was first released over 10 years ago, it was so well designed that it fares well against the latst scenario releases. To appreciate its standing within the community during its hey day, you need only do a Google search on 'Trakoria' to find over 200 hits, all referring to this gem of a scenario that was released in 1998.

•tip by kobi - when exchanging techs, do not accept those named "Legacy of ...." as they will make your advanced units obsolete before you can even build them.




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