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Techumseh's Scenario Page


This is my Scenario League Wiki page. It is intended to provide a one-stop place to download the Test of Time scenarios I've created over the last 20 years. They are:

1) Congo! 2) Prince of Darkness 3) Red October 4) Roman Civil Wars 5) Warlords of China 6) Operation Market-Garden 7) Frederick the Great 8) American Civil War 9) Operation Sea Lion 10)Burma Campaign 1942-45

I hope you enjoy them.


Thumb Name Period Designer Version
8alaurens.png El Aurens v2 1915-1918 Boco Civilization II: Test of Time
Ruciwar21 Icon.gif Russian Civil War v2.1 1917-1921 Techumseh Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds
13warchina.png Warlords of China 1911-1937 Techumseh Civilization II: Test of Time
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