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I currently use ToTPP v0.15.1.

I had the problem, that SpriteGen just did sprites for the first 80 slots.

Perhaps it would be nice, that ToTPP would just read Units.bmp and Unit_Sprites.bmp.

You know, just the whole bunch of all of these new slots as Units and Sprites bmp.

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Brown Man´s Burden by Carl Fritz

Test of Time PP CivFanatics

Test of Time Patch Project

Civitas - A modern save game editor

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"Pile on the brown man's burden and, if ye rouse his hate,

Meet his old-fashioned reasons with Maxims up to date."

Henry Labouchère, 1899 (parody of White Man's Burden by Kipling)

The Berlin Conference of 1884 set off a race among European powers to claim as much land as possible in Africa. This scenario recreates the Scramble for Africa. It begins in 1889 when Italy has set up new colonies in Somalia and looks to take over Abyssinia. Menelik II, the new Emperor of Abyssinia is having none of that and looks to expand his empire. Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, and the Ottoman Empire have their own agendas: Britain would like to regain Sudan from the Mahdists and expand in South Africa, France would like to extend its empire in West Africa, Germany and Portugal try to expand their claims in East Africa, and the Ottomans would like to restore their empire to its former glory.

All civilizations are playable, but some are easier than others.

~ Hardest: Abyssinians, Ottomans, Italians

~ Middling: Germans, Portuguese

~ Easiest: Englishmen, Frenchmen

No Government changes, No Space Race (of course!).

6 turns per year. Slow Population Growth.

The original "Brown Man´s Burden" ended begin World War I. Me as a german guy, I know, that during WWI we had a bad struggle "German East Africa" vs all Europeans, by retreats and partisan fights, unbowed, see Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, so, the game could end 25. November 1918 with his final surrender, or Dec 1918. It will be an "end game" for a german game, 24 more turns! No. It will be an "end game" for all, I will split the Events in two. A german events, for a german game, and another events, for all others.

I made the Germans THE EVIL for a great end game! And after the creation of Corps Troops for all factions, plus Captains/Guards for all factions, and Bonehunter, Blood Warrior, Slaughtress, I will do a "Skull Division" plus "Skull General" for THE EVIL Germans for a badass end game, sry. That drifts into a kind of fantasy, but will be fun. I will exceed the time limit, cause from 1914 til 1918 an evil enemy WWI, just 24 turns of fun is too less in my opinion, I should spend perhaps another six years, til 1924 to exceed the fun, ten years, 60 turns more.

Have fun! :)

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The main blah blah is written Civilopedia in-game, like creators thoughts. I played "Brown Man´s Burden" by Carl Fritz 2018 the first time, so, it was a GFX major overhaul already, done by Catfish. Some unit slots were empty, some units were useless, it was a little empty in-game and unresistant easy going, plus, no ToTPP scenario, so I just decided to tweak around a little just for me and my joy - to create a ToTPP major overhaul and a better threat actually - I could call it "general overhaul". It was a nice atmospheric game already, now, as a ToTPP general overhaul, it kicks asses, most beautiful and "living". You will see and enjoy what I mean.

When I play scenarios, the FIRST thing for me is, to disband weak troopers to boost the building of strong troopers, plus to tweak the tax rates. Never forget to look at the tax rates just turn ONE! It is most unrealistic, in my opinion, that african colonies would be able to build up Maxim Gun, Howitzer or Battleship hordes. So, you wont be able to build up the most troopers. You will be able to receive some of them, but not, to build them. So, you have to act like a serious general and make war with what you get. So, you wont be able to just conquer the whole continent in no time like I did as Germany. You will suffer and enjoy a rough game!

Have fun! :)

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Enjoy the Screenshot

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I began 30th of June 2018, today, 20th of July, I have all stuff plus a ~ 117 kb Events.txt v1.0 ready to testplay.

Most of the time I just put a v1.0 or a v1.2 just on air and leave again. After these efforts I am never really in the mood to testplay and fear to just lose grip and throw it away, so better a nice looking ruin than nothing. But this one really is fantastic done! It is a worthy, living, african continent colonial atmosphere, fun! I shall rest it for a while and then do a little gaming on it I guess. I will put my efforts, anyway, in here at last! :)

Get the [[Media:‎| AFRICAN COLONIES‎]] (x,x MB)

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