Bitterfrost II

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Welcome to the island of Bitterfrost!

To begin, here is an except from the Granite Tome of the Histories:

"In the years of cold, the empire was witness to a large island erupting through the waves of the northern sea.

The magelords were convinced this island was the one spoken of in old tomes, sunk during a meteor strike many ages past."

Now the promise of rich minerals and meteoric iron has prompted the Imperion to send representatives from his vassal provinces.

Each has the grand task of creating a strong colony in the name of the empire...No matter the hardships.

The ultimate reward is to be the leader of a new glorious nation.

But you will not be colonising in peace.

Where men thrive, Evil survives.

And Evil has plans for survival...



A new crusade!


Sisters of the forest.


Legion of damnation.


Install into a 'Bitterfrost II' folder in your ToT main folder:



Install into a 'Sound' folder in your 'Bitterfrost II' scenario folder:


Unzip the readme into your Bitterfrost II folder:

Extra Graphics

Unzip these in to your Bitterfrost II folder:

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