Blitzkrieg 1941

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World War II was the largest conflict in the history of mankind. The war was fought over millions of square miles on the ground, in the air, on and under the sea, and with the development of the German V-2 missile, at the very fringes of outer space. Men and women fought in the streets of the great cities of Europe, the arctic wastelands of Finland, the unexplored jungles of Southeast Asia, the brutal deserts of Africa, the towering peaks of the Himalayas.

Not even the United States, protected by two vast oceans was secure. German U-Boats sunk hundreds of ships within sight of the U.S. and Canadian coasts and the Japanese managed to gain a temporary foothold in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. People from nearly every nation on earth served in some capacity, as soldiers, sailors, relief workers, medics or nurses. For five years, the vast majority of the worlds’ industrial capacity was used to make the implements of war.




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