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Hello guys! A dude called "The Nameless One", perhaps a greek demigod, perhaps just a proper new one in their pantheon, I dont know, did a major overhaul Test of Time .dll, in fact, Civilization II had MGE, Multiplayer Gold Edition, then ToT, Test of Time, and now, ToTPP, Test of Time Patch Project, a GREAT evolution of... Civilization II gameplay, now with actually Lua ability, 127 unit slots, open end events file, etcpp.

If you didnt see that coming, I highly recommend to click the links below:

Test of Time Patch Project

Civitas - A modern save game editor

Currently some guys out there create new scenarios, ToTPP scenarios, including even Lua scripting, which I, personally, sry, I am far too crazy to script that crazy speech Lua, I certainly could, I am a genius :), but... an open end events file is nice enough for me little crazy genius, for now! The reason for me to do that Test of Time PP page was, just to introduce it to this whole site, plus, to collect possible ToTPP scenarios, right here.

Thumb Name Period Designer Version
Impi Chief.png African Colonies 1889-1924 NICHEAL Civilization II: Test of Time PP

Have fun! :)

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