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A scenario for Civilization II: Test of Time by Techumseh.


This little known conflict has always interested me. The Toronto Globe and Mail of August 22, 1998 reported: "Shifting alliances, security problems along volatile borders, greed for mineral resources and a complex web of rebel movements are fueling fears that the rebellion in Congo could trigger a wider war across Central Africa." In fact, most countries in Central Africa were drawn in to the conflict which some observers dubbed "Africa War I".

The system of political and military alliances in Africa at the end of the twentieth century rivaled those of Europe in 1914. A long standing arms race, fueled by cold war rivalries and arms merchants, is also reminiscent of early twentieth century Europe. Once the war started, more and more countries were drawn in.

A major difference is that African countries, though armed with modern weapons, do not have the economic strength to sustain a protracted war. Indeed, the war ground to a halt in mid 1999, mostly because the belligerents couldn't afford to continue. Almost no military equipment is manufactured in central Africa, so in the game aircraft and tank units cannot be replaced. Even allowing civilizations to build artillery and armoured personnel carriers is an exaggeration, but one which keeps the game interesting. In reality, equipment and ammunition is purchased abroad, usually by trading natural resources such as diamonds, oil or chromium.

The theatre of war is huge. From east to west the game map stretches the equivalent of the distance between Portugal and the Russian border, or from Washington DC to Denver, Colorado. From north to south it is the same distance as between the Gulf of Mexico and northern Canada. Much of the area is rain forest with poor roads and few railroads. This increases the importance of air and river communications. Use of riverboats to transport troops is vital to maintain the pace of an offensive.

The combination of opposing alliances of African nations fighting with limited numbers of modern weapons across a huge expanse of rain forest and navigable rivers makes for a very different and, I hope, interesting scenario. I hope you enjoy it.


Download at:Tecumseh's Village

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