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It is the 24th Century and different races are just beginning to explore and colonize the vastness of the Final Frontier - Space.

The FEDERATION, which believes in peaceful expansion where possible vie for supremacy with the Romulans and Klingons. The KLINGONS are a warrior race bent on subjugating the quadrant with brute force while the ROMULANS are a secretive race who will resort to any means of expanding their empire. Refer to the file named Index.html to understand the unique characteristics of the scenario. You MUST run the batch file called ChooseRace before you begin.

This scenario lasts for 650 turns but you should be able to achieve the capture of the 5 objective planets in 500 turns with some practice. Only the Federation, Klingons and Romulans are meant for playing. The BORG are not meant for playing and DO NOT attempt to acquire BORG technology - you will regret doing so.


Star Trek BAQ was the first Kobayashi Civ2 scenario and originally came out in the late 1990s under a Fantastic Worlds format.

The scenario was noticed by the science fiction niche within the Civ2 gaming community and trigered the association of 'Outer Space' genre with the name Kobayashi. This perhaps had something to do with the fact that Kobayashi placed a picture of himself wearing a Starfleet uniform on the scenario's title screen. (trivia: the Kobayashi Maru was the freighter to be rescued in the No-win simulation test taken by Starfleet cadets in the Star Trek II movie)

In a tradition that was to be followed by Kobayashi more often than not, the scenario had a replayability quality due to the existance of more than one protagonaist tribe with distinct units and characteristics and it attempted where possible to use all dimensions of the Civ2 engine. The research tree was of the quintessential Kobayashi format using a common master branch inter-linked with various race-specific branches. The same tree design was to be found in many of his later scenarios, such as Zweiter Weltkrieg, Star Wars:Insurrection and Star Gate:SG1.

Star Trek BAQ was subsequently upgraded through multiple versions with the last version released in August 2003. More events and units were added. Various changes were made to keep the scenario abreast with new techniques discovered by various Civ2 scenario authors. This also allowed the scenario to keep up with developemnts in the Star Trek universe, up to the release of the Nemesis movie, hence the inclusion of Nerexan WarBird unit for the Romulans. The scenario however contains no references to the TV series 'Enterprise'.

The current version is MGE compatible and includes a HTML guide and the ability to swap in different event files depending on which race was being played. Discontinuous Tech Lineage was introduced in the last version so for example the Klingons would not be able to eventually research the Galaxy class even if they stole the plans for the Excelsior.


Version 3.1b files




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