The Age of Napoleon v1.2

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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by Saladin.


Napoleon Bonaparte has been made Consul for life. There has been nine months of peace in Europe since the Treaty of Amiens ended war between France and her allies and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The fighting is not over yet. Whilst Bonaparte marshals his troops for the second round, across the channel, the British sit behind the Royal Navy and rebuild their army as well. For either side to win the coming conflict control of the seas will help to decide the outcome. In other theatres, the future French Emperor is sending troops to Saint Domingue to restore slavery and French rule, whilst in North America French diplomats are engaged in selling Louisiana to the infant United States. Britain, currently the world's largest Empire, needs time to prepare. With an expansionist America threatening Canada, French ambitions in India and the Caribbean, and Spain and Holland in South America and South East Asia respectively, the services of Prussia, Austria and Russia may be needed to put down the Corsican upstart once and for all.

The Great Powers

The Russian Empire: The Great Russian bear as in all scenarios, is an enemy few will want. A vast land of endless steppes and untapped resources, the land of Tsars can become a world power if given time to grow…

Kingdom of Prussia: Not yet the Prussia that would defeat Napoleon’s nephew and create the German Empire, Prussia is one of the strongest German states. Despite needing a lot of work, the small Kingdom can still establish itself in world. Perhaps a few colonies, a strong army and the right friends will force the unification of Germany in early, rather than the latter part of the 19th Century.

Empire of France: The premier land power. In the beginning, France already has a strong army, in particular artillery, and a good-sized navy. Taking certain cities can yield some exotic units. With one of the greatest military minds in history directing her, the conquest of Europe and Empire beckons for France.

Austrian Empire: The Habsburg rule over a large cosmopolitan empire in the Balkans. With a good number of cities and well – situated in eastern and central Europe, the Austrians can be a nation that could help to decide the course of any large European wide war.

United States: The young upstart, the United States is in a stage of trying to find her feet. Despite a generation of young Americans having grown up knowing nothing but US rule, there are divisions in the young republic. Federalism, slavery and the threat of the Barbary Corsairs are but many issues that plague her. However, with the Louisiana Purchase about to be finalised and with plenty of European colonies into which to expand, the Americans have many choices, especially with the new Constitution class of warship being designed.

British Empire: The world’s leading power and premier naval power, Britain sits behind the channel protected by her wooden walls, the Royal Navy. The Empire enjoys superior ships and a number of specialised land units.

The European Coalition: Not playable. France had better think carefully about invading the Peninsular though! Keep an eye out for the revolts in the New World if she does!


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