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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by WarVoid.


The Valles du Vin is a fertile region of famous wine country; this land rich with grapes and other fruits. But by far, the most favoured product is wine. Four major wine makers have arisen in the four valleys. They are separated by the vast forests which grow amongst the fields between the hills and mountains. Geographically, there are four distinct valleys that make up the Valles du Vin. Each separated by the mountain ranges and by the rivers that flow from Lake Napoli.

While they vie to grow their fields, produce stronger vineyards, and make greater profits - in the end, there can be only one!

The ultimate objective is to corner the wine market with your particular brand. Expand your fields for more revenue. Grow them into more productive vineyards. When your profits become large enough, buy out your competitors.


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Scenario Files (265 kB)

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