Al-Andalus - The Trail of the Sun v2.0

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Jesús Balsinde.


"All the lands in their diversity are one, And all the men are neighbors and brothers"

- Al-Hakam II, Caliph of Cordoba (961-976)

"Europe was darkened at sunset, Al-Andalus shone with public lamps; Europe was dirty, Al-Andalus built a thousand baths; Europe lay in mud, Al-Andalus' streets were paved..."

- A. Thomson, The Muslims of Andalusia

Three centuries have passed since the Moors set foot on the Iberian Peninsula for the first time. The state they have created, Al-Andalus, flourishes like nowhere else on Earth, and the magnificence of its capital, Córdoba, can only be compared with that of Constantinople. The second millennium C. E. opens with promises of honor and glory, for Al-Andalus is now more powerful and enlightened than ever before. It appears however, that Al-Andalus has chosen the path of lust, corruption and decadence. Will the most advanced civilization of Western Europe fall victim of its own errors? Or will it rise above all obstacles to become, not the first, but the only nation in the West?


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