Altering the Civ2 Sounds

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Altering the sound effects created for your Civ2 scenarios and modpacks.

by Serge Walters, Artificer's Guild.

Editor's Introductory Note

This article was originally written by Serge Walters and has been reproduced courtesy of the author and the Electric Ferret Online Cafe. Some editing has been done to make the file work with the scenario editing tools now available. Where changes have been made by the editor, they are set in blue text.


Altering the Sounds

The Sounds can be found in the Civ2 Sound directory, and by clicking on them and listening to them it's pretty easy to tell what is the sound for what. Also, the filenames themselves will give you a big clue. Note that with the scenario disks, you'll find sounds in the Sound folder of the individual scenario file.

Also... they are very easy to make with a program like GoldWave.

The actual file names of these sounds may not be changed, but the sounds themselves may be.

There are lots of places on the net where you can find fun .WAV files to plug into your game. If you are making a mod based on a T.V. show or something... go to websites about that topic and you will almost always find .wav files. When you are ready to edit them, you're probably going to need some software.

Sound Programs

A great ShareWare program can be found free for download at Gold Wave.

Like most ShareWare programs, the owners would eventually like you to pay for their wares. In the case of Gold Wave, every 150 commands, the program will stop and remind you you are using a ShareWare version. You will then have to close and restart the program. Small price to pay for what is a great sound editor.

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