American War of Independence

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Battle at Lexington and Concord

Battle at New York

Iroquois Raids


Recommended scenario files:

Additional graphic files:


I would like to say "Thank you" to all members of the Civfanatics Scenario League (former Apolyton Scneario League) who helped me to design and realizing this scenario. Without your help I never had realized this scenario. Also many thanks to the playtesters (McMonkey (latest version), AGRICOLA, Tuttle757, EZRhino, McMonkey, GhostofDisco and Patine (the former version).

Thanks to Catfish, AGRICOLA and Techumseh who helped me with the event structure.

Graphics are made by Fairline (Units), Curt Sibling (Cities, Icons, People) and Catfish (Terrain). Some graphics are altered by myself.

The map is made by McMonkey

If I missed someone here please let me know and I will add him as soon as possible here.

Thank you very much :-)

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