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1775, the British colonies in North America.

In response to the Tea Party and other protests, the British Parliament enacted the intolerable Acts to punish the colonies and declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion. General Thomas Gage, appointed governor of Massachusetts, was instructed by King George's government to enforce royal authority in the troublesome colony.

Even though the countryside is largely controlled by Patriot sympathizers, the Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith gets a secret order to capture and destroy military supplies that are reportedly stored by the Massachusetts militia at Concord.

Alarmed through a suprise raid of gunpowder and other military supplies near Boston by British troops thousands of American Patriots sprang into action and awaits the British regulars at Concord.

The struggle for Independence has begun...



I will try to answer the most frequent questions when playing the scenario...

What are the goals of the scenario?

This is an historical scenario with the background of the American War of Independence at the end of the 18th century. You may only play with the British Empire or with the Thirteen Colonies.

It´s your choice which side you will join. Choose the American Colonists and fight for freedom and independence or play with the British Empire and enforce the King's rules in the troublesome colonies. In case of need with the force of arms.

Equel which side you are choose, you have to defeat your enemy. That's your goal.

Will the scenario give me a historical background of the war?

No, this should be too much work and (this is the most reason) I´m too lazy to write down the complete history of the Independence War. I´ve used the informations I need from Wikipedia. I´m sure there are also many good books available about this topic.

This is a game and should make you fun while playing it. The events are mostly going the historical timeline but I'm sure and hope that you can also go another way for winning this game.

Are there a technology tree available in this scenario?

Yes, I´ve included a small technology tree. At the start of the game you can only build a very few city improvements. Research new technologies for building new improvements in your cities. Later in game, depending how good you play, you can research new military technologies which allows you to build powerfull units in your cities. So it's your choice if you sell all Schools at the beginning of the game to get some more money and increasing research time or if you invest more money into the science for decreasing the research time.

What units are buildable?

Most of the units are not buildable, only a few ones.

Playing with the Thirteen Colonies:

At the start of the game you can only build Minutemen and Militias. This should represent the fact that the Colonists didn´t have an organized army at the start of the war. If you can hold Valley Forge until spring 1778 you will get the "Continental Army" technology which allows you to research the following technologies:

"Infantry Drill" (Continental Line), "Cavalry Drill" (Continental Dragoons) and "Artillery Drill" (Continental Artillery)

There are also some technologies available for researching a new regiment of special troops like the Stockbridge Mohicans or Lee's Legion.

Playing with the British Empire:

What do I have to do for enforcing or avoid France joining the war?

Playing with the Thirteen Colonies:

To ensure French help you have to control at least 10 of the 12 important cities until fall 1778. The cities are:

Boston, Saratoga, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Annapolis, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Norfolk, Wilmington and Georgetown.

Playing with the British Empire:

What about governemt switching?

Government switching is not allowed. I´ve renamed the government names.

The government of the Thirteen Colonies is Republic (Communism) The government of the British Empire is Monarchy (Republic) The government of the Iroquois Confederacy is Chieftain (Fundamentalism) The governments of the Spanish Empire and France are Monarchy (Monarchy)

What about the nice looking units with the different flag icons?

Those forces are special units and only available via event spawning or technology research.

I have Colonists/Engineers available. May I build cities with them?

No, city building is not allowed. Please only use them for building roads or irrigations.

What about the Spies/Iroquois Scouts?

They are only for investigating occupied/enemy cities.

This should answer all frequent questions of the scenario. If you still have more questions, please feel free to ask on the following thread on Civfanatics Scenario League:

American War of Independence Thread


Battle at Lexington and Concord

Concord Lexington.png

Battle at New York

New York.png

Iroquois Raids



Recommended scenario files:

These are the recommended scenario files. Please create a folder called "AWI" in the "Original Game" folder. Copy the "American" folder into the "AWI" folder. It should look like this one now: ".../Original/AWI/American" File size: 900 kb

Please note, this is not the final version. The events on the final version don´t work and I´m not sure how many time I need for fixing this. So I decided to upload my playtest version which should also makes fun to play.

The British campaign will be following. These files are the American campaign.

Additional graphic files:

I´ve changed many graphics for this scenario. The changes includes also many ingame graphics which are located in the Tiles.dll and mk.dll files. If you would like to use them I recommend you to make backups of the original files.

Copy the improvment graphics in your main scenario folder (i.e. .../Original/AWI/American). File size: 3,7 MB

Copy the Tiles.dll and mk.dll files in your main ToT folder. Be sure to make backups of your original files before replacing them. File size: 3,6 MB

Sound files will be following sometimes ;-)


I would like to say "Thank you" to all members of the Civfanatics Scenario League (former Apolyton Scneario League) who helped me to design and realizing this scenario. Without your help I never had realized this scenario. Also many thanks to the playtesters (McMonkey (latest version), AGRICOLA, Tuttle757, EZRhino, McMonkey, GhostofDisco and Patine (the former version).

Thanks to Catfish, AGRICOLA and Techumseh who helped me with the event structure.

Graphics are made by Fairline (Units), Curt Sibling (Cities, Icons, People) and Catfish (Terrain). Some graphics are altered by myself.

The map is made by McMonkey

If I missed someone here please let me know and I will add him as soon as possible here.

Thank you very much :-)

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