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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Dracon.


Throughout the late 1990s Pauline Hanson has publicly voiced her hate of people of Ethnic, Asian, and Black origins. Many people have protested against her racist views. But now, she has divided the Nation into many factions and has started the Australian Civil War.

In late 1998, Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party had spread it's influence into rural Australia, due to turmoil and schism within the traditional rural party, the Nationals. Pauline Hanson's often racist and extreme views and policies failed to deter the farmers and people from rural Australia from flocking to her banner, and many actually began to believe her. With the help of her right hand man, an utterly despicable person named David Oldfield, she devised a propaganda campaign in the bush that had the poor gullible bastards in arms against the apparent Asian 'invaders'. Before, everyone thought that Hanson's head was as empty as a John Howard promise, but it was clear that something sinister was at hand, but the real question was: "Who's behind this? Who's the real person pulling the strings?". Then, it happened. In far Central-West Queensland, war had broken out. The white farmers had descended on a small Aboriginal settlement and had massacred them all. The Aboriginals had struck back, attacking at night, on unsuspecting homesteads. Soon, the general populace was up in arms, each side, the Aboriginals, calling themselves the Mabo Milita, and the Farmers claimed that the other had started the turmoil. Pauline Hanson used this uncertainty to her advantage, convincing her followers, and many others that the Mabo Militia, an Aboriginal Terrorist cult (so she claimed), had been the first to show aggression, and the farmers were just defending themselves.

The case was taken to the High Court in Canberra. One man, a man named Brendan Deegan, was to give evidence, evidence that would end the case once and for all. Whatever the evidence was it didn't please someone, because on the morning of the case he was found bobbing face down on Lake Burley Griffin, dead. Shot square in the head. Of course, the usual accusations soon followed. Pauline Hanson blamed it on John Howard, the Prime Minister, she claimed that Mr Deegan was to give evidence supporting her. John Howard claimed that Mr Deegan was to give evidence on his side, and that Ms Hanson was responsible. Merrick and Rosso, of Triple J radio blamed it on David Hasslehoff, Kim Beazly blamed it on the GST, Brian Harradeen and Mal Colsten couldn't decide, and Senator Meg Lees insisted that it had something to do with Basic food items. Pauline Hanson, again, used this to her advantage, convincing her followers that John Howard had done it himself, which is impossible because the gun would've been twice as large as him.

Aden Ridgeway, Democrats Aboriginal Senator elect, was disgusted by the state in which the Government of Australia had degraded to, went and Gathered up the Aboriginal population and their supporters to the Northern Territory, and North-west Australia forming the Nation of Mabo, a fundamentalist faction bent on reclaiming the lands which the indigenous peoples of Australia had lost 200 years ago. Pauline Hanson moved her supporters to Queensland, forming another Faction, bent on conquering Australia, and driving all blacks, Asians, gays, Hispanics, and infidels from the land. John Howard, having lost about half of his country, went to Parliament to consult his cabinet, who were all in the Parliamentary Bomb Shelter, cringing with terror. Alexander Downer, Foreign Affairs Minister, was babbling incoherently and acting like a total patsy, but that's nothing new. New Zealand, seeing this as an opportunity to strike at their secretly despised neighbours, got the UN's support, and launched an attack on Australian soil. Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and The South Pacific have also found this an opportunity to further their ambitions in the region.


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