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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Cam Hills.


"Adowa saved Ethiopia from Italian colonisation and raised its status from that of an isolated nation whose institutions, heritage and people were held in contempt to that of an equal partner in the world community of nations."

- Greg Blake, Historian

The scenario is set in the late 19th Century during the 'African colonisation' spree, where the various European powers 'divvied' up 'The Dark Continent'.

The European tribes had different agendas for pursuing Colonisation, and some did not count on the extent of opposition that was to be faced by the natives - as clearly seen in the Battle of Adowa - where the Italians endured a brutal and humiliating defeat at the hands of the independent Ethiopian kingdom. While there were deals struck between the Europeans, demonstrated by the agreements founded at the 'Berlin Conference', there still remained points of animosity.

The scenario is 'vaguely' founded on history, although does take up fictional themes fairly frequently.


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