Battle of France 1944

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SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, (AP) -- Allied Expeditionary Force, June 6

Allied troops landed on the coast of France in tremendous strength by cloudy daylight today and stormed several miles inland with tanks and infantry in the grand assault which Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called a crusade in which "we will accept nothing less than full victory."

As the Supreme Commander you are in charge of "Operation Overlord". Will you be able to liberate the continent or will your forces flounder before the formidable fortifications of the vaunted Atlantic Wall? The fate of the free world rests on your shoulders.


BoF44 SS 1.png

The calm before the storm

BoF44 SS 3.png

Coming up against the Siegfried Line

Victory Conditions

The goal for the Allied player is to capture all 19 objective cities on the map and win a 'Decisive Victory'. These cities are spread out and can be found in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany proper.

House Rules

There are six house rules in this scenario that I strongly recommend humans players adhere to:

Firstly, only infantry types may invade/disembark on non-beach hexes from Landing Crafts.

Secondly, freighters may only embark/disembark units directly inside port city hexes.

Thirdly, Allied Armored and mechanized units are not allowed to be transported on the second generation Landing Craft.

Fourthly, do not use air units to help Allied ground units bypass Zones of Control.

NEW RULE: Fifthly, it is strictly forbidden to stack any air unit on top of your ground or naval units.

Sixthly, changing city names is not permissible.

Please read the scenario's new v1.1 Readme file as it has been updated and contains new valuable information on the house rules and game concepts.

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT - This game is designed to be played as the Allies ONLY. Do not even attempt to play as the Germans!

IMPORTANT - You must run the “Bof1944” batch file, and select option #1 before you begin the game!

IMPORTANT - Players running a 64-bit computer must run MastermindX's "Civ2XP64Patcher.exe" patch included in the zip file (follow the instructions provided in the patch's folder).


Install version 1.1 into a 'Battle of France 1944' folder in your ToT main folder. Please delete version 1.0 first if you had already installed it:

Scenario Files v1.1

Sound Files

ReadMe Files v1.1

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