Battle of Iwo Jima 1945

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BATTLE OF IWO JIMA 1945 UPDATED to version 1.1

PACIFIC FLEET HEADQUARTERS, (AP) -- Hawaii , Monday, February 19, 1945

Marine forces under the command of Lt. General Holland M Smith, Commander, Fleet Marine Force Pacific, have begun amphibious operations against the heavily defended island of Iwo Jima. Vice Adm Richmond K Turner, Cmndr, Task Force 51 issued a statement exclaiming: "Iwo Jima is the most heavily fortified and capably defended island in the world. It will be a tough fight."

As the Commander of the Marine Expeditionary Force you are in charge of "Operation Detachment". Will you be able to liberate the island while limiting your casualties or will your forces be repulsed by the fanatical Japanese defenders?


BOIJ45 SS 1.png

The landing crafts approach the beaches of Iwo Jima

BOIJ45 SS 2.png

5th Marine Division assaulting the base of Mount Suribachi

Victory Conditions

The goal for the American player is to capture all 5 objective HQ's (cities) on the map and win a 'Decisive Victory' within 26 turns.

House Rules

There are six simple house rules in this scenario that the human player must adhere to:

Firstly, all ground unit types may only be disembarked on beach tiles.

Secondly, all ground forces situated on transports must first be unloaded onto either LVT-2, LCI or LST's, before they can be moved and unloaded onto the beaches.

Thirdly, it is forbidden to built cities in the game.

Fourthly, it is strictly forbidden to stack any air unit on top of your ground or naval units under any circumstances.

Fifthly, do not randomly click on the different hill and jungle tiles throughout the island to try and find the different cave entrances.

Sixthly, no armored unit, including Seabees, may move onto escarpment or hill tiles.

Please read the scenario's Readme file as it contains valuable information on the house rules and game concepts.

Special Instructions

IMPORTANT - This game is designed to be played as the Americans ONLY. Do not even attempt to play as the Japanese!

IMPORTANT - You must run the “BOIJ45.bat” batch file, and select from options #1, #2 or #3 before you begin the game!

IMPORTANT - Players running a 64-bit computer must run MastermindX's "Civ2XP64Patcher.exe" patch included in the zip file (follow the instructions provided in the patch's folder).


Install version 1.1 into a 'Battle of Iwo Jima 1945' folder in your ToT main folder. Please delete version 1.0 first if you had already installed it:

Scenario Files v1.1

Sound Files

ReadMe Files v1.1

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