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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by McMonkey.


Bonaparte III is McMonkey's adaptation of Patient English's (John Ellis') original classic Bonaparte.

When the Peace of Amiens collapsed in May 1803, Europe had enjoyed 19 months of uneasy ceasefire. General Bonaparte was intent on expansion - the English, in particular, were intent upon stopping him. The scene was set for a conflagration that could set all of Europe ablaze...


This game is not my (McMonkey's) original work. It is a fusion of John Ellis' classic Bonaparte II with my European map which is roughly twice the size of the original. I have added some extras and modified aspects of the game.

The main reason for doing all this is to create a new challenge for the PBEM crowd who loved John's original but had come up with some new ideas over the years. Therefore I am not entirely sure ow much of a challenge it will be as a single player game. The AI does not always cope well with large maps! My recommendation would be to play against France as they should be very strong. I am sure the game will work as a single player and be fun, but I don't expect it to be too difficult! In the future I may try and make a ToT version specifically for single player.

Civ version required: MGE

Please play with the Civ2Unlimited launcher included in the scenario folder. This is explained in the READ ME html file and also in the GAME CONCEPTS section of the Civiliopedia.

Designed primarily for multiplayer PBEM (play by e-mail) games





Download here:

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