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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Techumseh.


"Shifting alliances, security problems along volatile borders, greed for mineral resources and a complex web of rebel movements are fuelling fears that the rebellion in Congo could trigger a wider war across Central Africa."

- Toronto Globe and Mail, August 22, 1998

The new government of Congo faces a Tutsi-led rebellion in its eastern regions, backed by its former ally, tiny but strong Rwanda. Uganda in turn, backs Rwanda. Congo is not short of allies itself. Militarily powerful Angola is still battling its own rebels, called UNITA, who are cooperating with the Tutsi and Rwandan forces. Zimbabwe, resentful of South Africa's prestige, seeks to assert its own power.

South Africa adopts a statesmanlike approach, but under pressure from other southern African countries, may intervene if the situation deteriorates too far. Other nations try to remain neutral. Attacks on them may provoke British or French intervention. Meanwhile, Hutu death squads continue to operate between Congo and Rwanda.


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