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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Mark Laanen.


In the 21st century mankind isn't any better than a century before. After many wars in third world countries another big war started. The exact cause of the war is unknown (in the 30th century) but it is known that it triggered a global nuclear war. Many nations had nuclear weapons in those days, and some of them weren't afraid to use it. In the end over 1.9 billion people were killed, and the world was thrown back in the Dark Ages. After 400 years, in the 25th century, mankind finally began to recover from this dreadful war. New nations were formed and long lost technologies were rediscovered. But still mankind hadn't learned its lesson...

They kept fighting one war after the other. Due to the development of new technologies, new weapons were also developed. More deadly than nuclear weapons were the Singularity weapons which could destroy an entire continent. Luckily these weapons were very expensive so that only a handful were created. In the 29th century there were a few developed nations, the rest was still not very advanced. Two nations had these Singularity weapons, a third nation, in North America, was also beginning to construct such a weapon. 14 smaller nations didn't have the resources to construct these weapons. In 2834 these weapons, all four of them, were used on an attack on North America by the only two nation that had these weapons, to make sure America didn't develop them as well. The result was the complete extinction of life on that continent. All the other (developed) nations decided to join forces and attack these aggressors. This marked the beginning of the United Terran Alliance. After 3 years the war was won, and Earth was united under the Alliance. They all vowed that none of these weapons should ever be used again, and they destroyed all blueprints, construction facilities and other things that could be used to create these weapons. In the effort to rebuild Earth the alliance decided to build a huge new city in neutral territory, Terra Primus.

In 2846 the alliance discovered the Warp engine, which allowed them to reach to the stars. Not long after that a complete Exodus from Earth started and more and more new colonies were founded. The Alliance wanted to make sure that people stopped leaving Earth to settle in the colonies. First they decided to levy taxes on spaceflights, then to offer money, land and a house to people who'd remain on Earth. Nothing helped. In 2887 the Alliance became desperate and closed down the only cities were a spacedock was present, Terra Primus, Great Mexico and Great Delhi. The people who lived outside the cities were furious and riots started. Then the Alliance acted by declaring Martial Law and they forced the people to remain on Earth. Those three cities with a spacedock were completely renovated to offer home to the wealthy citizens of the Alliance, to stop the exodus in these cities. The situation was like this: There were three large cities for the elite and they were closed to any people who lived outside the cities. The Alliance oppressed the people who lived outside the cities and the martial law was never cancelled.

Twenty years ago, in September 2979, three colonies wanted to become and independent nation, the Alliance declined this request. Then the three colonies declared independence without permission, and the Alliance didn't take it lightly. Immediately they sent a squadron of 11 spaceships to take the colonies by force and thus marking the beginning of the Colonial War. The Alliance didn't care how victory was achieved, or how many people would die. Therefore more and more colonies joined the war for independence. On Earth the Alliance is losing its grip on the people because they sent most of their army to combat the colonies. The forces remaining on Earth withdrew to the defences around the three major cities, thus leaving the people alone. This had incredible consequences which the Alliance did not anticipate. Mutants, people with genetic abnormalities thanks to pollution or experiments and who were oppressed by the Alliance, took advantage of the situation and fled en masse to the still largely uninhabited North America. Asia was now in complete anarchy without the Alliance to control the situation. All sorts of gangs were raiding and plundering cities, killing travellers and blackmailing communities for "protection". The only region that really benefited from the withdrawal of Alliances forces was Europe were a new "renaissance" was started.

Now it's 2999, the last year of the millennium. The situation is as follows: The Alliance still controls some regions of Earth like north India, north Mexico and north east Africa. They also have one military base on the west coast of South America. Near the areas controlled by the Alliance groups of rebels have united to liberate Earth. They haven't attacked the Alliance yet, but there is a large chance they'll strike soon. These rebels can be found in the Middle East, central Africa, and the south of Mexico and India. In North America mutants have set up their own nation. They also haven't attacked the Alliance yet. In Europe the New Earth Republic is trying to create a more civilised Earth. They remain "loyal" to the Alliance, but it is known that the Alliance is started to become more and more concerned by the rapid development of this nation. In Asia one of these gangs has grown to control a large empire. Like the Mongols centuries earlier they call themselves the Golden Horde and they are bent on conquest. In the northern part of the pacific live a group who are called the Pacific People. Little is known about them, and little is to gain there. The Alliance has left them alone for decades there since they are considered harmless. In the southern hemisphere a group of travellers known as the Seekers have moved from Australia to South Africa and are now in South America. What they want is as of yet unknown. Besides these groups there are still many cities controlled by local gangs. They aren't organised and most of them don't even have some form of government.

Now it's up to you to decide what the future shall bring for Earth in this new, and 5th, World War.


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