Empires - War for Supremacy

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Gabriele Quaglia.


Many a great Empire is now strong enough for the dream of a thousand kings: conquer the entire World. Some of them are ancient beyond reckoning, others are even now growing from a small keep to a great kingdom. It is a struggle for supremacy: obsolete countries quickly fall to the might of new powers.

"Empires" is a fantasy scenario, where six great powers, each with a different government form and therefore opposed ideologies, fight to dominate the world. You can play every civ you like, save the Dhyadharans, the Daemons of the Void, who are only a distraction for the human civs.


Supremacy Screen1.png

Supremacy Screen2.png


Scenario Files (294 kB)

Sound Files (695 kB)

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