Exodus II - Partition v2.0

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A scenario for Civilization II: Multiplayer Gold Edition by Alexandre Ostrowiecki.


The year is 1947, the United Nations General assembly has just voted for the partition of Palestine in two states, one Jewish and one Arab. Finally, after two thousand years of exile, the Jewish people will have a country again, in their own land. But the Arabs of Palestine rejected the UN plan. A civil war begins, in which each side tries to gain ascendancy. But the perils to the new state of Israel are just beginning. On independence day, while it is involved in the civil war, the regular armies of five Arab countries invade Israel's territory. Are you capable of warding off the invasion? Can you lead your people through the difficulties and protect Israel? Or do you prefer to command the Arab armies and wipe the Jewish state out of Earth?


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Scenario Files (724 kB)

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