Fall of the Roman Empire

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Mark Laanen.


This scenario is set in the fifth century AD. The Roman Empire is split in a western and eastern part, now called the West Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. The weakened military state of the Romans has encouraged barbaric tribes from the north to settle or conquer areas in the Roman Empires. At the beginning of this scenario the (West) Romans have already last a lot of land to the barbarians. Hispania (Spain) is in the hands of the Sueves and Vandals. Tribes from Denmark raid the coast of Britannia (England), Aquetania (southeast France) is controlled by the Visigoths, and central European tribes like the Francs and Burgundiones have crossed the Rhine to settle in Roman territory. But the worst threat comes from the east. A new barbaric tribe coming from the Asian plains has terrified the other barbaric tribes. These mounted devils as they were called have already conquered the Ostrogoths and have set other tribes on the run. The Roman world is at the verge of destruction.


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