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Fortress Europe is a single player Test of Time Scenario playable as the Allies (Britain & United States). It begins in November 1941 with the Axis pushing deep into Russia and at the border of Egypt. Your job is to halt their progress and push them out of North Africa before invading Sicily, Italy and ultimately Fortress Europe itself with a cross channel invasion of France. Be prepared for some vicious Axis assaults early on, especially in Libya/Egypt and by air against Malta. Getting the Atlantic convoys to Britain will be vital for the Allies to survive economically. To supplement this German industry can be attacked with your strategic bombers.

Make sure you look at the Read Me file as it contains vital information about the game setup and gameplay. Be sure to used Civ2Unlimited and run the Fortress Batch file before starting. Any comments or queries can be directed to the development thread at the Scenario League [1]. Enjoy!




Media:Fortress Europe Alpha.7z

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