Gangster - The Taking of Chicago v3

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Cam Hills.


Babe Ruth is sold by the Red Sox to the Yankees for $125,000, a daily airmail service between Chicago and New York is implemented, and the U.S. Government introduces an Act prohibiting the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages - a move that ultimately proves to fuel crime and lead to social calamity.

The opportunity to profit from underground activities and control authority brings about a new wave in organised crime...

The scenario is fictitious. It is set in North America during a period of gun-running, bootlegging, and power building overseen by criminal syndicates. The scenario makes historical references, and features renowned mobster names from about the period of prohibition. It is not an attempt to accurately recreate the "mob wars", but set a theme or genre for an imaginary game.


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Scenario Files (365 kB)

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