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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by David Morovan.


"From Jerusalem and the city of Constantinople comes a grievous report. An accursed race has violently invaded the lands of those Christians and has depopulated them by pillage and fire"

- Pope Urban II

With the Seljuk threat pressing hard upon the Byzantines Alexius I sent a plea to Pope Urban II. The Pope then called for a crusade to free the Holy Land. Soon, thousands of knights were on their way to the Holy Land. Some went for wealth and land, others to escape troubles at home, but many went to fight in the name of God.

Meanwhile, the Crusading Spirit has also flourished in Spain. Several kingdoms in this region have been campaigning to regain their lands, which was taken by the Muslims. These campaigns became known as the "Reconquista", or "reconquest".

This was the beginning of two centuries of long and bloody warfare.

This scenario begins in 1095 AD. During this time Pope Urban II begins to incite the crusades. In the lands held by the Turks there would be wealth and territory that would be very beneficial to the economically suffering kingdoms of Europe. The Holy war was not being waged only in the Eastern world. In south western Europe, the kingdoms of Spain struggled to reconquer the Iberian peninsula and bring back Christianity to the region. These campaigns were known as "La Reconquista" or reconquest.


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