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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Allard Höfelt.


Minos is dead, Crete's power has almost vanished, and all other formerly suppressed powers on the continent are expanding, making war. Big city after big city falls, but there will be only one survivor. The Mycenians in real "won", leading Greece into a second great time of only some 200 years, followed by the Dark Ages. Only you can save Greece from this cultural disaster, by leading one great power. Conquer Crete, Troy, Athens, Mycene, and the world lies beneath your feet, and there will once again be a hegemony in Greece, YOUR Hegemony...

Until around 1600 BC, the biggest civilization in Greece was Crete. Crete had a perfectly arranged military and mercenary marine. Because of this allmightiness on sea, Crete was the master of the Aegean Sea, and also of the Greek continent. Every upcoming civilization was immediately crushed. There existed almost no land defence on Crete, and the Minoan palaces were without walls. (one of the only places in the world without walls in that time). Around 1600 BC, the Minoan civilization (in Crete) was destroyed after a natural catastrophe, a revolt and an attack from the continent, which ravaged them almost entirely. However, they still remained quite powerful, and still had quite a good marine. However, land defence was now awfully poor. This caused the real end of Crete as an important country. Freed from the constant oppressing Crete, civilizations began to flourish on the continent. The Ionians, Aiolians and especially Mycenians (Dorians (Sparta) only arrived around 1200 BC far from the north) became important nations. Trade began to grow in entire Greece (not only in Crete as before). Now the scenario begins. The Mycenians and their then somewhat less powerful allies conquered the growing city of Troy during 10 years of great battle. Around 1200 BC the Mycenian civilization was destroyed, probably because of the Dorian invasion. The other civilizations in Greece were already almost wiped out by the Mycenians. Now the Greek Middle Ages begins. Only around 600 BC, Greece became important again.


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