Imperial Ambition v1.5

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by St Leo.


In 1492, Spain suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the puny forces of the Emirate of Granada. France declared war immediately and by 1500 the continent was aflame. Only three principalities noticed an event of equal importance ignored by everyone else. In that fateful year "India" & "Japan" were reached by a man whose name was lost to history. Instead of circumnavigating Africa as the Portuguese were doing before being pulled into the Spanish War, he sailed across the watery expanse that is the Atlantic and reached the Orient...

Venice has fallen on hard times with the rise of the hostile Ottoman and Mamluke powers in the ports of the Near East. The Teutonic Knights have lost their sense of purpose now that the Far North is lacking in heathens and are losing land to the Poles. The Hafsid Caliphate in North Africa seems ready to crumble.


ImperialAmbition Screen1.png

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Scenario Files (379 kB)

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