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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Mark Swan.


It is the land of Liortage. Seven tribes inhabit this land. Six of them are men. One of them is a race so twisted and evil it would seem as if the very rocks crumble under their presence. This tribe aptly called the Ninkaa which means Ninkain's Beings. Ninkain, a giant demon is their master. His desire is to bring hellish evil to the land once again. But in his way are six brave tribes, trying to unite to form a huge army to march against the Ninkaa. The Noble Warriors, the only race with knowledge of the hidden tunnels under the great mountains. The Rindon, a great power in the central part of the land. The Shirahad, powerful but vulnerable in their land of endless flatland. The Malcans, swarthy, lean sailors, who have dared to brave the seas. The Loran, forest dwellers to the west, they are close friends with the Noble Warriors, but are hesitant to go to war; and the Grevians, fierce warriors who have made their dwelling to the east of the land of Ninkain. They are often stubborn and might side with the Ninkaa if it suits their purpose.


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Scenario Files (340 kB)

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