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June 19th, 1984.

Dom Mintoff, Prime Minister of Malta, leader of the Labour Party of Malta, suffered a stroke and died in office at the age of 67. Mintoff would in some ways be remembered as a hero of Malta, but others may remember him as the man who befriended Libya's military dictator Col. Mu'ammar Qadaffi.

After Mintoff's death, a potential successor cannot be found, so Malta's House of Representatives called for a new election to be held the following month, in which two of Malta's veteran politicians step up for a fierce campaign. Coming to the surprise of many, the Maltese Nationalist Party candidate wins with 53 percent of the vote.

On July 27th, 1984, Edward Adami became Prime Minister of Malta. In his first address to the nation, the new Prime Minister had stated that he wished to reconcile ties with the United States and the European Economic Community.

A few weeks have passed since. The soothing waves of seawater crash against the rocks on Valetta's beaches, as to a distance a large freighter sailing from Libya begins to come into range of Malta. Such a sight is not uncommon in Malta, for Prime Minister Mintoff had been supportive of Col. Qadaffi's regime.

This ship, however, is one of many...and it's not carrying oil or goods. Instead, thousands of Libyan soldiers are preparing for an amphibious assault on Malta's southern coastline!


Can the Maltese, under your command, expel the invaders?


Can you lead the Libyans to a glorious victory?


Find out in MALTA!


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