Pyramid Pursuit

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A scenario for Civilization II: Fantastic Worlds by Cam Hills.


The beloved Princess Mertseger has been captured by a ruthless faction of the Roman army, and is rumored to be held at the Pyramid of Saqquarah. A team of your excavators is working within the treasure-laden Pyramid to rescue the Princess, and they are accompanied by a small unit of soldiers. Regrettably they have been trapped by collapsing walls in the Pyramid. In addition to this group, you have an established base near one of the entrances to the Pyramid.

Other tribes have also responded to the rich rewards and promise of tracts of arable land for the Princess' safe return, and are ruthless in their pursuit - even at your own peril!

The scenario takes place inside a massive Pyramid, where tribes pitch campsites. Each are endeavoring to rescue the captured Princess Mertseger, whose return will bestow upon the successful tribe huge wealth. Such is the prize, the groups have no compunction in going into battle.

As tribes build their military strength, their workers excavate antiquities from the Pyramid, which provide the tribe special benefits.


Pursuit Screen1.png

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